In the Shadow of the Hawthorn

OLOHUONE (LIVING ROOM) 306,4 km2 City Art festival 2-5. June Turku

Annette Arlander: In the Shadow of the Hawthorn
wed 12-17 thu 12-17 fri 12-17 sat 12-17

There is magic in the scent of a tree in bloom, and the tree might whisper its secrets into the ear of somebody sitting under its shadow. But what if the tree is small and full of thorns, little more than a bush, and saying strange things in three languages?

Trees Talk is a series of voice installations about trees that talk, and talk about trees. We say ABC, the ancient Celts said beth, luis, nion (birch, rowan, ash). The hawthorn, heath, is the sixth letter of the Tree Alphabet; early summer is the time of the hawthorn. This spring in Turku, it will be possible to hear what four hawtorns have to say.